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Help an Orphan

Giving Back

Supporting Pets in Need

At Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic, our commitment to the well-being of pets extends far beyond the clinic walls. While we are dedicated to providing essential support to orphaned pets, it's crucial to emphasise that our services go beyond just orphan care. We collaborate with rescue organisations, and YOUR support plays a pivotal role in making a difference in the lives of animals.

HowWE help

At Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic, we extend our care to orphaned pets, ensuring they receive the support they deserve. Our commitment goes beyond medical treatment; it encompasses a holistic approach to their well-being.

Our team at Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic ensures that orphaned pets receive comprehensive medical care, including thorough examinations, vaccinations, and necessary treatments. Our approach is holistic, focusing on the overall well-being of each furry friend.

Though our kennelling facilities are limited, we offer a safe haven for 24 hours. After this initial period, we collaborate with the SPCA to extend their stay and provide ongoing care.

For claimed pets, a nominal kennel fee is charged, contributing to our Streetcase Fund. This fund covers essential services such as rabies vaccinations and microchipping.


Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic proudly collaborates with reputable rescue organisations and dedicated individuals who share our passion for animal welfare. Our of our network includes:

A strong network of support, magnifies our collective impact!

Our collaboration with Funda Nenja reflects shared values. Together, we cultivate compassion in Mpophomeni through dog-centred education for holistic child development. Every small effort at Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic counts, and together, we make a significant difference in the lives of pets who need extra care and attention.

HowYOU can help

Your support is invaluable in making our mission a reality. Let's make a pawsitive impact together! Here are ways you can contribute:

Provide financial support to ensure immediate and future needs are met.

Donate items such as blankets, pet food, leads, collars, and pet beds to enhance the comfort of the animals in our care.

Share our cause on social media platforms to reach compassionate individuals willing to make a difference.

Stay connected through our social media pages for updates on fundraisers and urgent cases that could use extra help.

New beginnings

Follow our Social Media pages ad signup for our newsletter if you would like to find out more about how you can contribute. Remember, your monetary donations to our Street Case Fund have a lasting impact, ensuring sustained support for those who depend on us. Join us in making a positive change in the lives of pets in need.