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Wellness Plan

Unlocking your pets vitality

At Chase Valley Vet, we wholeheartedly embrace 'Personalised Preventative Care' and take pride in partnering with service providers that can offer our clients more value. We continually include innovative solutions to keep your pet in optimal health and happiness for the long term. Your pet's vitality and longevity are our top priorities.

Questions about our Wellness Plan?

Our Wellness Plan is a comprehensive solution for pet parents who want to give their furry child the best start in life.

Subscribe to our Kitty Club and Puppy Packs, tailor-made for pets under 1 year.

Full Care Package:

  • Parasite treatment every 3 months
  • A free Identipet microchip
  • A Chase Valley Vet ID tag
  • An annual vaccination and exam
  • Plus, one general consult for illnesses
  • Enjoy an exclusive additional 5% discount on all goods and services at our clinic.

Cost based on Dogs weight:

- Dogs under 10kg: R00/month
- Dogs 10 - 20kg: R000/month
- Dogs 20 - 40kg: R000/month
- Dogs 40 - 60kg: R000/month
- Dogs 60kg and above: R000/month
- Cats: R000/month  

Partnering with, our annual wellness plan extends beyond the first year, helping spread the annual expenses over 12 monthly instalments through a convenient debit order. While not a medical aid, this plan contributes to the overall well-being of your pet.  

Getting started is a breeze. Just email us and set your pet on the path to lasting well-being.