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Weightloss Clinic

Inspiring Healthier Habits

At Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic, we place a strong emphasis on the overall well-being of your cherished pets. As part of our commitment to their health, our clinic is proudly registered on the Hills Pet Slimmer programme. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist in helping your pet shed those extra centimetres!

Questions about our Weight Loss Clinic?

Overweight pets are prone to risks such as joint stress, diabetes, and growth-related skeletal disease. Monitoring your pet's weight is crucial as proper growth and weight can help prevent many diseases and disorders associated with obesity.

We'll weigh your pet, take measurements, and sign you up on the programme's website. Hills incentivises the process, making it quick and easy. Weigh-ins occur every two weeks, available at the clinic (free of charge) or at home. Capture photos, as this weight loss journey is also a competition, adding an enjoyable and rewarding element.

Signing up is easy! To join our Weight Loss Clinic, simply call or email and book a slot with us. We'll handle the rest!