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Healthy teeth, healthy pets!

At Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic, we place a high value on your pet's dental health. We advise annual check-ups to ensure the ongoing well-being of your pet's oral health and to identify any issues at an early stage. If you observe any signs such as bad breath, loose teeth, or unusual behaviour, do not hesitate to pay us a visit for professional dental care.

Questions about Dentistry?

Your pet's well-being is our priority. During the consultation, the vet will handle your pet with care and compassion. They'll examine your pet's mouth and discuss dental history and care practices. The vet may suggest X-rays if needed and provide recommendations and cost estimates for potential procedures. Additionally, as a standard practice, we run pre-anaesthetic blood tests before dental procedures. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of your pet's health and allows us to tailor our approach to their specific needs. You'll also receive general guidance on pre- and post-procedure care to ensure your pet's dental health.

Be on the lookout for indicators like bad breath, difficulty eating, drooling, or changes in appetite. If your pet exhibits any of these signs, it's a good idea to schedule a dental check-up at Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic.

ย For comprehensive dental health, it's recommended to have your pet's teeth checked annually by our clinic.ย  Regular dental check-ups are essential to identify any issues early and maintain your pet's well-being. We are here to help at Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic, so feel free to reach out to schedule your pet's dental check-up.